My Superpower

My Superpower

Just for fun, several months back my friend Vanessa and I decided to hold a contest. We agreed to challenge each other to see who could go on the most dates before Valentine’s Day. It was meant as a fun way to motivate each other since we both desired to start a new relationship.

Now, we both were doing the online dating thing, and I assumed that most of our dates for this competition would come from this method. That’s why I was completely taken back when Vanessa said she was going to de-activate her online membership.

“I think it’ll be more challenging to meet guys in real life,” she said. More challenging? Now that’s an understatement I thought to myself. I froze for a moment just considering how I might take on such a thing. I so rarely meet single, available men in real life anymore, I wouldn’t know where to begin.

Well, that was several months ago, and I’m happy to report that things have changed. I’ve since read Getting to “I Do,” by Dr. Pat Allen and Sandra Harmon (the book referenced in my Jan. 6 post, The Gaze).

I’ve been practicing the five-second flirting technique mentioned in that book — making eye contact for five seconds with single men I find attractive, combining that with a smile, and voila! I feel like I have this magical power that I never knew about.

Every man I’ve practiced this with (granted only three so far, but counting), has approached me and started a conversation. Now, I may have discovered once we started talking that we had very little in common, but that’s beside the point, right? For now, I get to keep practicing, and having fun in the process. Who knows? Next time could be the genesis of an amazing connection.

For all you single ladies, hear me out – this technique works! Take note of what I’ve found to be an untapped superpower, bring to life this dormant potential within, and take pleasure in practicing.

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