Closet Reflections

Closet Reflections

I’ve been thinking a whole lot about my wardrobe. I have a good-sized closet that’s really quite plentiful. Yet too often when I’m getting ready to go on a date and stand before a sea of garments, I have that sinking “I have nothing to wear” feeling. Contrast that with my professional / career wardrobe. I could easily put together different outfits for several weeks of office attire, and probably not wear the same piece twice.

How did things get so out of balance? Perhaps this is a glaring example of where I’ve unconsciously – or consciously – placed more emphasis over the years.

Time to bring a little equilibrium to these two, very important parts of my life. Besides, some new ensembles will surely give this soon to be super connected woman an added boost of confidence. Like just about every other woman out there on the planet, when I look good, I feel good.

So, on my next trip to New York & Company, I’ll be looking through the “dating” lens as I check out their new fashions. I’m excited just imagining it. I think a whole new world is opening up for me here.

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