What the Egg Knows

What the Egg Knows

Here’s a little factoid about the birds and the bees that’s common knowledge. I probably first learned it at some point in junior high school, but its significance was lost on me – until now. The sperm chases the egg. Not only does the sperm chase the egg, but it goes through a major obstacle course of sorts, traveling long distances through difficult terrain in vehement pursuit of one goal.

And what is the egg doing during this whole time? Even with my limited knowledge of biology I can safely say, nothing. Not a darn thing. The egg is simply being an egg, and it magically attracts.

This is nature at its finest. And it’s worked really well—for how many years, I’m really not sure, but let’s just say a gazillion.

Now, there’s a lot I can extrapolate from this and apply to my dating life and my desire to create loving connection with a beloved partner.

If I take a closer look at this tiny cell, I realize it has a big lesson to offer. The egg knows its worth, gets that it’s the prize, and stays grounded in this knowledge. Does the egg worry about being chosen, or fret trying to convince sperm how interesting or great it is? Does the egg fear a shortage of sperm or have to work at convincing a sperm cell to commit? I think not. Again, it has unshakeable faith in its value, and the sperm (a whole bunch of them) are naturally drawn to it.

If more women tapped into this God-given wisdom of the egg when looking to manifest love, games and manipulation may not be a thing of the past, but would greatly diminish. And dating, I’m convinced, would be a much more graceful process for both genders.

I don’t want to sound conceited, but there’s a new level of freedom that comes from just re-awakening to my worth as a woman — and letting go of thinking I need to do something different, something more to make myself more attractive to men. (On the flip side, a man tapping into his innate desire to be a hero, whatever that may look like, is frankly, irresistible.)

So, in summary, there’s a lot to learn from Mother Nature, and I’m thankful for awakening to this powerful lesson.

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