Not My Fate

Not My Fate

There’s no place like home, as the saying goes, so, it naturally follows that one’s living space can be an ideal environment in which to create lots of connection.

I recently took an inventory of my home to see how well it supported my intention of creating greater connection in my life. While there were a number of things I felt I was doing well (I had plenty of plates, glasses, and utensils – and several guest towels, too), not unexpectedly, I also found some areas that could use attention.

Here are a few things I discovered that were unconsciously supporting my habits around disconnection:

  • I had placed items (mail, books, my computer) on every chair of my dining room table except one, leaving room for only one person to sit – me.
  • I purchased a sofa bed several years ago for a possible overnight guest, but never bothered to acquire any sheets.
  • I was keeping my place “just untidy” enough to keep others away and to discourage invitations to visit – not wanting to put the time and energy into cleaning myself nor commit to a house-cleaning service on a regular basis.

Was I surprised? Not really. I was taken back more by something deeper than what I saw – how some things that were previously obscured can be so obvious once brought into my conscious awareness.

My favorite quote around this goes like this: “That which remains unconscious appears as fate.” – Carl Jung (according to my sources)

I hope you enjoy pondering this quote as much as I have.

As for me, I’ve happily made changes to my home environment. In fact, I’ve got to go get ready. I’m expecting some guests tonight.

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